Wire-EDM Leaf Spring Production

One of our most interesting high precision components, that caught a lot of attention during our exhibition at SEMICONSEA 2024, is our capability to produce high complexity leaf springs. These components, with super thin spring and flexure features, is a very popular design in the semiconductor, analytical, laser and optical industry. The manufacturing of these parts requires our high-end Sodick, Inc. Wire-EDM machine, combined with our years of experience in mastering the techniques and optimizing the production strategy.

☑Optimized Wire-EDM cutting parameters to produce flexure thickness of 0.05mm.
☑High-precision leaf springs and flexures are commonly used in applications that requires high accuracy control and distribution of forces.
☑Typical applications include displacement sensors, flexure gauges, touch probes, robot grippers, and more.
☑The fundamental of the force distribution of a flexure, is where its thickness is determined by our tolerance control capability at ±0.002mm

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