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Precision & Quality in High-Mix Low-Volume

Micromachining Precision Components

From Micro-components as small as 5mm to matchbox-sized parts with intricate features, Micromachining components is one of our fortes. With years of micro-milling experience and well-tested machining strategies, Tonasco has established reputable expertise in Micromachining.                         

Micromachining Precision Components, 5-axis CNC Milling, Optical components, Medical Instruments Components, Diagnostics Components

We specialise in complex, multi-tasking 5-axis CNC Milling and MillTurn with all types of complex materials. Our complex machining expertise is powered by high-end machineries and IoT-enabled softwares. Our ISO 9001:2015 certified QMS ensures the production of High precision, high quality complex components.

5 stage Ultrasonic Cleaning facility, with cost efficient and effective ultrasonic cleaning protocols, using Eco-friendly cleaning method and water-based detergent. Cleanroom modules are assembled within laminar flow clean benches and double vacuum packed, durable for international shipments.        

High quality cleanroom modules up to ISO6 cleanroom standards, and  sub-modules and  with well-established mechanical, electrical and pneumatical assembly protocols. Value-adding, convenient “plug and play” modules to customers who opt to prioritise their precious resources on final product installation, testing and delivery. 

Super Smart in Precision Super Smart in Precision

High Precision Complex Machining

High Surface Finishing and Cleanliness

High MixLow Volume

High-Tech Markets

Semiconductor, Optical & Laser

We deeply understand the rigorous compliance and control demands for Semiconductor machinery, Optical instruments and Laser equipment. High level Surface Finishing and Product Cleanliness standards are strictly adhered in Tonasco in order to produce contaminant-free precision Components & Modules, which are critical for applications in vacuum environment or other special conditions. 

Diagnostics, Medical & Life Sciences

One of our focal points involves components with clean surfaces and burr-free edges.  Through excellent machining techniques including Micro-machining, we produce high quality components for medical equipment, life sciences, and diagnostics instruments. Well-integrated Industry 4.0 systems ensure reliable traceability, documentation control and compliance with standards, ensuring the highest quality and safety standards.

Precision Automation

High-Mix Low-Volume (HMLV) fabrication of high precision, complex Mechanical Components & Modules were core expertise of Tonasco. Whether it was for specialized machinery, automation systems, or complex assemblies, our expertise in HMLV production ensured that each component met the highest standards of excellence, contributing to the success of its clients across various industries.

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