High-Tech Markets

High Precision Components For High-Tech Markets

"Quality excellence and industry expertise is why we are Preferred Supplier to our high-tech global clients!"

Since its inception, Tonasco has concentrated on high-tech markets, particularly Semiconductor, Optical & Laser, Medical, Diagnostics, and Life Sciences. We’ve built a reputation as a Preferred Supplier to many global clients, thanks to our commitment to providing high-quality precision components for some of the most advanced high-tech machinery and equipment, such as semiconductor litography systems, single-molecule analysis instruments, photonic measuring devices and micro-surgical robots.

Producing these components requires not only high-level finishing and precise tolerance control but also strict compliance with regulatory standards and requirements. Over nearly two decades, we’ve gained invaluable experience and deepened our understanding of the intricate technical demands of these industries. With this extensive experience, we remain dedicated to continuous improvement, refining our skills to manufacture complex precision parts for sophisticated instruments. This approach keeps us at the forefront of technological advancements, allowing us to meet the evolving needs of our clients in these specialized fields.

Semiconductor, Optical & Laser

Tonasco excels in understanding the stringent compliance and control requirements for Semiconductor machinery, Optical instruments, and Laser equipment. We strictly adhere to high-level Surface Finishing and Product Cleanliness standards to produce contaminant-free precision Components & Modules crucial for applications in vacuum environments or other specialized conditions.

Our expertise in high precision machining ensures a high level of production and quality consistency. Utilizing high-RPM spindles and Micro-Milling tools with a minimum diameter of 0.3mm, our experienced programmers and machinists possess the Micro-Machining and Complex CNC-Milling capabilities to produce components as small as 10mm. Achievable tolerances for Milling and Turning are up to +/-0.005mm with high surface finishing up to Ra 0.2µm.

Furthermore, we have in-house capabilities for Ultrasonic-Cleaning of components, conducted in our ISO 7 Standard Cleanroom Assembly facility. This is particularly critical for Semiconductor or Optical instruments operating in vacuum environments.

Diagnostics, Medical & Life Sciences

In Diagnostics, Medical & Life Sciences, our focus revolves around components with clean surfaces and burr-free edges. Utilizing excellent machining techniques, including Micro-machining, we manufacture high-quality components for medical equipment, life sciences, and diagnostics instruments. Our well-integrated Industry 4.0 systems ensure reliable traceability, documentation control, and compliance with standards, thereby guaranteeing the highest quality and safety standards.

We cater to part sizes ranging from 10 to 1000mm, with achievable tolerances for Milling and Turning up to +/-0.005mm, alongside high surface finishing up to Ra 0.2µm. Our meticulously organized processes and well-documented procedures ensure control and traceability, particularly vital when producing strictly regulated products such as Medical Devices and Instruments.

Furthermore, our ISO 90001:2015 certified Quality Management System (QMS) and highly traceable production management systems provide assurance to customers where standards compliance, such as RoHS guidelines and REACH requirements, are crucial.

Precision Automation

In Precision Automation, Tonasco excels in High-Mix Low-Volume (HMLV) fabrication of high precision, complex Mechanical Components & Modules. This core expertise extends to specialized machinery, automation systems, and complex assemblies, ensuring that each component meets the highest standards of excellence. From Product Carriers and Die Sets to Product Grippers and Holders, we have built a reputation for machining high-quality precision components from various materials with meticulous surface treatment. Our proficiency in HMLV production has consistently contributed to the success of our clients across various industries.

Our achievable tolerances for complex CNC-Milling and CNC-Turning reach up to +/-0.01mm, while Wire-EDM achieves up to +/-0.002mm, with high surface finishing up to Ra 0.2µm. To ensure consistency and control in production methods, we adhere to established and systematic Quality Control standards including In-Process QC (IPQC) and a 100% critical dimension QC policy, particularly crucial in repeating batch production.