Powering Our Automated Simultaneous Horizontal 5-Axis Machining Center

With rows and rows of LANG Technik GmbH 5-axis vises, our fully automated simultaneous horizontal 5-axis machining center is providing us with a huge capacity to take on various series production of high precision parts.

Our 5-Axis vises, with its unique stamping technology, a benchmark in 5-axis machining, the ideal clamping device:

  • High holding force: Ensures a strong grip, providing optimal machining stability.
  • Maximum process reliability: Allows high cutting rates and faster milling processes.
  • Accessibility: Self-centering mechanism enables ideal accessibility for 5-axis machining toolpath, enhancing efficiency and precision.

Reach out to us for 5-axis milling capability and capacity. We are ready to initiate the support of your machining requirements.

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