9-axis Mill Turn Centre Complete Automation

After months of testing and more testings, we have finally succeeded in fully automating our new DMG NTX1000 Mill Turn Centre with IMTR (In Machine Travelling Robot). This significantly boost our capacity and capabilities for manufacturing very small and complex, high-precision components, further solidifying our expertise in high-mix, low-volume series production, particularly within the 200 to 2000 piece range. 

The integrated 9-axis Mill Turn Centre features key automation technologies, including:

  • LNS Automatic Bar Feeder with integrated Precision Material Loading.
  • Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) with Multi Precision Tools and Metrology Probes Loading.
  • DMG MORI NTX1000 Main Spindle and Sub-Spindle synchronized Rotation Part Transfer.
  • Automatic Robot Unloading of finished product.

By incorporating in-process quality control, we anticipate a substantial enhancement in our quality output and consistency of even more complex precision components, catering especially to the needs of our Semiconductor, Laser and Optical customers. 

Through the dedication and ingenuity of our engineering team, alongside the invaluable collaboration with our technology partner DMG Mori, Tonasco Smart Factory is making significant strides towards realizing our ambition for 24/7 fully automated series production. This marks yet another noteworthy milestone in our continuous evolution within the realm of Industry 4.0.

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