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Small Series production of precision robot grippers produced with fully robotised and automated 5-axis Machining Centers in Tonasco Smart Factory.
At first glance, this looks just like a simple block of metal, until it slides up and separates into 4 identical pieces of Punch & Die. Each of these parts are produced from individual pieces of materials. The extremely tight tolerances are achieved by our skilled Wire-EDM team with Sodick Wire-EDM and precision grinding: ✓ 0.002mm Form Tolerances ✓ 0.001mm Straightness ✓ 0.005mm Clearance between All Gliding Surfaces This is one of our favourite exhibition show-pieces that never fails to impress our customers: “The cutting clearance is so small it is hardly visible by naked eyes!”
Tonasco Exhibition Highlight: Day 2 Today we showcase our Micro-Machining capability with a simulation of Digital Twin 5-axis Machining Centre in Tonasco. By running NC Code simulations on Hexagon’s NCSimul software, we can ensure 100% error proof NC programming prior to the actual part fabrication. The product is a 10mmx10mmx10mm component for a Medical Diagnostics Device, with +/0.005mm tolerance. The simulation shows a simultaneous 5-axis Machining Centre cutting with a NSTool Ø0.5mm endmill, at the speed of 25,000 RPM.
Urban legend has it that, sometimes in the wee hours of the night, the intelligent machines in Tonasco Smart Factory come alive during the unmanned, fully automated production hours.
As a precision component manufacturer who produces a high mix of custom components every month, having a robust, flexible and integrated manufacturing solution is essential to Tonasco.
Machining Thin Wall Components with high material removal rate while keeping the flatness precision, is not without its challenge to Precision Component manufacturers.